News Archive 2007

Egemin Automation sells automation contract to Hansen Transmissions India
Being one of its dedicated suppliers of warehouse automation solutions Egemin Automation realised a number of projects for Hansen Transmissions in the past. Early this year Egemin Automation and Hansen Transmissions closed a contract for the development and commissioning of three automatic warehouses and an AGV system for the booming plant in Lommel, Belgium.

Automatic storage & retrieval

The new project comprises the development and commissioning of an automatic warehouse in Hansen Transmissions’ new gear unit manufacturing plant in Coimbatore, India. Egemin Automation will install here state-of-the-art AS/RS systems (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System) that will take care of the inbound and outbound storage of euro pallets and four by four pallets.

In addition, an order picking system will be provided as well. The entire system will be controlled by E’wms®, Egemin Automation’s software suite for warehouse management and control. The total order intake value of this contract comprises amounts to approximately 9 million Euro. The system must be taken into use during the summer of next year.

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