News Archive 2007

Egemin Automation sells third licence contract to Chinese technological company
Egemin Automation recently closed its third licence contract with a Chinese technological giant in eighteen months. The company at issue this time is Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd, in short MTD. The Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd.(MTD) is a comprehensive scientific and technological research center and industrial technology service center in China's machinery equipment industry. MTD was officially founded in 2002 by the China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology resorting under direct control of the Chinese government and operating from China’s capital, Beijing.

Technology, training and royalties

The contract comprises the licence sales of Egemin Automation technology to control automated guided vehicles (AGVs), in particular Egemin Automation’s E’tricc® AGV management software and E’nsor® navigation software. AGVs are transport vehicles that move goods in warehouses, distribution areas or production environments on independent basis. In addition, the contract also covers an in-depth three-week training of Egemin Automation’s AGV technology in our European Headquarters in Zwijndrecht (Belgium) and royalties for Egemin Automation for each sold AGV system based on Egemin Automation technology.

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