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Campina chooses twice for Egemin Automation
Campina is an international cooperative organisation specialised in developing, producing, selling and distributing dairy products. Being one of the top dairy producers in the world Campina is in a constant phase of growth. In order to continue sustaining its growth processes should be continuously optimised. Thanks to its strong reputation of automation specialist Egemin Automation is in the ideal position to help Campina with this.

"Veghel Force" together with Egemin Automation

Campina’s Industrial Ingredients division, DMV International invested massively in the renewal and upgrade of its plant in Veghel during the last few years. The renovation project with the appropriate name “Veghel Force” relates to the period 2004-2008 and corresponds to an investment of 60 million euro. DMV Campina already worked together with Egemin Automation for a number of automation projects in the past. Due to its positive experiences with Egemin Automation DMV Campina decided to assign the complete construction, automation and installation of the new mix preparation line to Egemin Automation as well. The project was recently finished off and fits in with Campina’s strategy of separating its dairy products from its non-dairy products.

AGV automatic cheese transport & management

During the fall of 2007 Egemin Automation will also automate Campina’s cheese warehouse in Bleskensgraaf by installing a four-vehicle AGV system. The AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) will transport the ripening cheeses to the automatic treatment machines on independent basis and will also take care of the inbound and outbound storage of the cheeses in the cold storage area. Egemin Automation will take advantage of its standard AGV cheese management solution for this project and add some customer-specific functionality to it. The AGVs will be installed during production while causing minimum discomfort to Campina’s 24/7 operations. The system will be taken into use by the end of 2007.

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