News Archive 2007

Christian Salvesen Gerposa orders towline system
Christian Salvesen Gerposa provides complete logistics solutions for its customers in Spain & Portugal. Traditionally one of the strongest players in the Iberian Automotive transport market focused on inbound services to major assembly plants, Christian Salvesen Gerposa is now developing services a range of diverse sectors including both non-food retail and packaging.

Improving the internal logistics inside the hub

In addition to having streamlined road transport Christian Salvesen also wanted to optimise the internal logistics of its crossdocking hub in Madrid. Christian Salvesen contacted logistics automation expert Egemin Automation who introduced the idea of installing an E’tow® towline system. The towline takes care of the transport of products by means of a chain embedded in the floor and is powered by a big drive unit. 

The towline system at Gerposa is in charge of the crossdocking transport of pallets across short and long distances. In the centre area racks will be provided for pallet storage. The system will also be equipped with a special measurement system allowing for checking the weight and volume of the pallets conveyed on the towline.

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