News Archive 2007

Highlite places repeat order for new automatic warehouse system
Highlite International distributes audio and light equipment for discotheques, events and concerts. After the successful implementation of a miniload system for storage of small products and orderpicking and sorting system in 2006, Highlite International has issued a repeat order to Egemin Automation BV for the logistic installation of a fully automated 24 meter high high-bay warehouse for the storage of approximately 20,000 pallets.

Solution geared to Highlite's needs

Six AS/RS pallet cranes will take care of the double-deep storage of pallets in the warehouse racks. The warehouse’s front zone will be equipped with a transport system that is responsible for the infeed and outfeed of pallets and order picking. Egemin Automation’s E'wms® software, also installed for the previous system, will be used for the management of all storage locations in the warehouse and all transport movements. This new system, scheduled for operational use mid 2008, will give Highlite the badly needed storage space that resulted from Highlite’s explosive growth the last years.

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