News Archive 2007

The Greenery buys E'tow® system for Hollander
The Greenery B.V. is one of the leading concerns in Europe in the vegetable, fruit and mushroom sector.  Hollander Barendrecht is a logistic services provider and subsidiary of The Greenery specialised in the distribution of conditioned fresh products such as vegetables and fruit, meat and fish, dairy, etc. Egemin Automation’s Dutch subsidiary has been engaged by Hollander to develop and install an E’tow® in-floor chain conveyor system for the new distribution centre that is currently under construction in Barendrecht. The system will link two different floors in the DC by means of an 8 % slope. Its main task will be to manage the order picking process of fresh products for the supermarket store Plus Retail.

The E'tow® system

Empty roll containers returning from the branch stores enter the system at the unloading docks and are transported throughout the entire DC. As a result, the order pickers in the DC don’t need to walk for endless distances to get an empty roll container. As soon as the order has been picked, the full roll container can be linked to the system once again, virtually from any place. Next, the system conveys the container to the right destination and takes it to the right loading dock by means of the intelligent E’tis® software.

The entire towline system totals a length of approximately 1,200 metres and is controlled by three main drive units. Hollander also relies on Egemin Automation for the entire maintenance and has concluded a five year maintenance contract with Egemin Automation. The system is scheduled for operational use by early 2008.

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