News Archive 2007

Pinguin orders automatic deepfreeze warehouse

Pinguin offers a broad range of quality vegetable solutions ranging from freshly frozen or chilled basic vegetables to frozen culinary prepared vegetables. At present, Pinguin is building an automatic deepfreeze warehouse in its Belgium headquarters in Westrozebeke to store vegetable crates. The warehouse will consist of a warehouse part for crate storage and a conveyor zone for pallet transport.

Project scope

Pinguin called in materials handling specialist Egemin Automation Handling Automation to do the job. Egemin Partners up with Espeel, West-Flemish company of the year, for delivery of the infeed and outfeed conveyors inside the warehouse. In addition, partnerships have been made with regard to supply of the warehouse racks (Stow) and the AS/RS stacker cranes (Dambach). Controls for the conveyors and automatic cranes are exclusively realised by Egemin Automation. The system must be operational by the end of July 2007.

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