News Archive 2008

Commissioning of AGV cheese transport system at Campina
Egemin Automation recently supplied an AGV system with matching cheese management software for Campina Bleskensgraaf (Netherlands). The system comprises four laser guided E'gv® vehicles (Egemin Guided Vehicle) that take care of the internal cheese transport of inside the cheese processing plant. The vehicles transport the cheese stacked on racks in between the deepstack ripening warehouse and the two treatment machines fully independently.

Integrated recipe and warehouse management

Egemin Automation’s E'tricc® software also takes care of the traffic control between the E’gv® vehicles and the transport management. Egemin Automation also added a special software module to its E'tricc® software which allowed managing the cheese recipes in the process. Each recipe consists of a number of predefined treatments that need to be performed successively on the cheeses. Depending on the recipes the E'gv® vehicles bring the cheeses from the warehouse to the treatment machines.

The E'tricc® software was also extended with a warehouse management module visualising the entire warehouse and each load stored inside it. Depending on the current status of the warehouse positions (row occupation, number of free positions) and the recipe details linked to the load, the software will determine which load needs to be picked first by the E'gv® in the warehouse.

Customised AGVs for narrow aisles

The AGVs at Campina transport cheese racks with a total length and height over two meters and a width of only 85 cm, in other words narrow and very unstable loads. That is why Egemin Automation decided to develop custom-made narrow-aisle AGVs in order to drive through the narrow aisles inside the customer’s warehouse.

The cheese racks are stored one after the other in the warehouse aisles in deepstack rows. To the left and to the right of the racks in the aisles are ventilation lines. The free space between each cheese rack and the vent lines is only 5 centimetres at both sides. As a result, the design of the AGVs needed to ensure extremely high stability to avoid vibrations when the vehicles are driving in and out.

Tried and tested concept

This is not the first type of transport system Egemin Automation is installing for the cheese processing industry. Egemin Automation designed a similar concept with fully-fledged software support features for recipe and warehouse management for a number of other European cheese producers. This modular concept solution allows Egemin Automation to anticipate faster and with more flexibility towards the demands of cheese producers.

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