News Archive 2008

Downender system for AGVs
Egemin Automation has recently developed a new rotation system for the RLV types (Roll Lifting Vehicles) of its E'gv® suite (Egemin Guided Vehicle). Thanks to the downender system the RLVs equipped with large hydraulic clamps are able to pick up large paper reels vertically, to rotate them during transport and to deliver them in horizontal direction to the printing presses or sheet cutters.

Time, space and cost savings

The new development will be mainly deployed in the paper and printing industries to bring reels directly from the vertical reel storage warehouse to the printing presses and the sheet cutters. Thanks to this innovation companies no longer need to invest in an individual downender installation on a conveyor system to lay down the reels. For companies active in the paper and printing business this means serious savings in production time, space and consequently costs. Egemin Automation has currently several projects with similar systems.

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