News Archive 2009

Egemin presents unmanned forklift truck at Logistica
Egemin Automation has incorporated its AGV technology E’nsor® and E’tricc® as an automation pack on Still reach trucks. Egemin wants to deploy automated Still reach trucks for typical AGV projects in warehousing and as such broaden its offering.

E'nsor® and E'tricc® automation pack

Egemin’s automation pack comprises the navigation sensor, in most cases laser based, and the IPC (industrial PC) that runs the E’nsor® navigation software. The higher-level AGV management software E’tricc® runs on a central server PC and takes care of the traffic control and order dispatching of the automated warehouse trucks. On top of that, Egemin can provide its warehouse management software E’wms®.

Focus on AGV projects in warehouse applications

In addition to its existing AGV solutions Egemin is planning to deploy automated Still trucks mainly for projects in warehouse environments on the European market. A classical example of such applications is a system with small Still trucks, supplying pallets from production to the warehouse. VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) stacker trucks in the warehouse, type MX-X, put the supplied load units into stock.

Launch during Logistica

Egemin Automation will show its automation pack to the general public during the Logistica trade show organised from 10 to 14 November in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In addition to its other intralogistic solutions, Egemin will showcase an automated Still reach truck (type FM-X 14) at its booth on stand number 08.E052. The Still FM-X range comprises compact reach trucks with lifting heights from 7 to 12 m and lift capacities of 1 to 2.5 tonnes.

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