News Archive 2009

First Egemin AGV on Chinese soil
Egemin Automation has delivered an AGV system to Chinese integrator company Mirle. The system recently passed the factory acceptance test with success at the Egemin workshops in Zwijndrecht. It has now been shipped by plane to China and delivered to Mirle. Mirle and Egemin will join forces to integrate the system later this year at the end customer, Hanbell Precise Machinery Co. Ltd., a fast growing screw Chinese compressor manufacturer. The AGV system for which a new model of E'gv® was developed, the FLV1010, will be used for transporting screw compressor parts between the customer’s warehouse and the assembly lines

New AGV model

The Mirle delegation was very pleased with the FAT, both with the system itself and with the different tests performed on it. In the meantime, the system has been disassembled and shipped to China by plane. This project represents a new milestone for Egemin Automation who will be celebrating its first in-house E'gv® application on Chinese soil. This means that, in addition to the technological transfers it has realised with some important Chinese licensees in the past few years, Egemin has now gained a firm foothold on the Chinese market.

The new E'gv® model was developed in less than 4 months, including sale, engineering and production. Egemin is convinced that there is a large market for this type of AGV’s in Asia.

Link between warehouse and assembly line

The AGV system will take care of the transport between the automatic warehouse where the parts are stored and the assembly lines. When one of the assembly lines needs certain materials, the operator can enter this into his WMS. The AGV system transfers the requested materials immediately from the warehouse to the picking area in front of the assembly lines.

After picking, the AGV system transports the remaining materials back to the warehouse. Before conveying them to the assembly line, some materials are taken to the washing station in order to be cleaned. The other materials go directly to the assembly line after picking. Egemin’s AGV system also takes back the empty pallets from the assembly stations to the warehouse.

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