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Conveyor system for Qualiphar
Qualiphar, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Bornem, Belgium, has this week ordered a conveyor system from Egemin Automation to replace the existing installation. The project will be carried out at the end of the year.

Logistical process

In its distribution centre in Bornem, Qualiphar will upgrade its current PPS installation (paperless picking system) with a new conveyor system. At the moment, the distribution process runs as follows:
  1. Boxes are checked for the correct shipping information and weight via the conveyor system,
  2. The next step involves adding the dispatch note and the boxes are then tied up securely.
  3. The final step involves automatically sorting the boxes at customer level or according to transport service.
In its constant search for pharmaceutical quality and the best available techniques, Qualiphar has decided to engage Egemin. The company chose Egemin in order to give customers the certainty of a limited transition period, which in this branche evidently is very important.

Scope & planning

The construction will take place on site from 17 December 2010. The installation must be operational by 31 December 2010. The project consists of the following steps:
  1. Dismantling and removing the existing conveyors,
  2. Supplying and installing new conveyors (TGW), including:
    - barcode applicator for shipment labels,
    - scales,
    - Sick-barcode scanners with Ethernet connection.

About Qualiphar

Qualiphar is a family business with a consolidated turnover of about EUR 70 million. Qualiphar currently employs over 450 people in Bornem and Lyon. Besides a wide range of self-medication and other health products which are marketed under their own name (Algipan, Medica), Qualiphar also develops, produces, packages and distributes products for various pharmaceutical companies.

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