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System upgrade at flower auction Landgard
Egemin Automation recently completed a successful retrofit at Landgard Flower Auction in the German city of Herongen near the Dutch border. The technology of the existing floor conveyor system for transport of flower carts to and from the auction hall had become obsolete. Egemin revamped the system with the latest technology and provided new PLC controls, a new safety system, new operating panels and an entirely new hardware and software platform.

Race against the clock

Egemin were given an ultra-short 4-day deadline to finish the job, but accomplished it with brio. The installation remained fully operational for the daily auction up until Thursday 18 February. Immediately after that day’s auction, it was powered down for the reconstruction and race against the clock to begin.

On Sunday evening, after 4 days and nights of hard work, Egemin was able to test the new installation together with the Landgard engineers and delivered the work successfully. On the morning of Monday 22 February, the auction resumed flawlessly with the new operation system. Landgard’s technical manager complimented the entire retrofit team on the amazing and smooth transformation.

Considerable expansion

This modernisation is the first phase of a larger project that involves the installation of 6 kilometres of new chain conveyors, both at existing auction sites and in new buildings. The expansion is required to enable the Landgard branch in Lüllingen and FloraHolland in Venlo to group their activities at the Herongen auction as from mid 2010. Herongen will house the new Rhein-Maas plant and flower auction, a joint venture between Landgard and FloraHolland. Egemin received the official order for this prestigious project in October last year.

The new chain conveyor system to be supplied by Egemin must be fully operational in July and will feature a track of 9 kilometres in total, comprising 14 chain conveyors and 36 diverters that will enable transportation of up to 1,000 flower and plant carts per hour.

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