News Archive 2010

New type AGVs for Kimberly-Clark
Egemin Automation has developed and commissioned a brand-new AGV system for the American multinational paper and pulp company Kimberly-Clark, specialised in toilet and paper products. The five-vehicle E’gv® system has been delivered to Kimberly-Clark’s paper plant in Villey-Saint-Etienne, near Nancy, which produces paper products for industrial and household use.

Central place in internal logistics

The AGVs are designed to carry the heaviest weight and convey large paper rolls between the paper machine, the warehouse, and the conversion lines where the rolls are processed and cut to size. The vehicles also take care of the removal of the empty paper roll cores inside special containers.

New type of E'gv®s for handling paper rolls

For this purpose, Egemin has developed a new type of E’gv® vehicles that are equipped with a hydraulic dual mast fitted with a prong. To pick a paper roll, the prong is inserted into the roll core. The rolls are subsequently released and deposited on conveyor belts with which the E’gv® system is interfacing. For the transport of the rolls from the warehouse to the conversion lines, the AGVs have been equipped with a sensor for detection of the roll height to determine the centre of the paper roll core.

Added value derived from the warehouse control system

An essential part of the project scope was the development of a highly intelligent WCS (warehouse control system) which takes care of the following tasks:
  • Automatic storage of rolls in the manual warehouse in the most optimal location according to several criteria like product type, batch, diameter, quality, destination
  • Control of the reel transport from the warehouse to the converting lines or – to save time –directly from the tissue machine to the converting lines
  • Handling of the reception and expedition of reels delivered or exported by trucks
  • Control of the E’tricc® software (Egemin’s AGV management system for order generation, transport management and traffic control)
  • Management of the production system for keeping track of paper consumption, product type, code, quality, and reporting
  • Interface with hand terminals on forklift trucks and for line operators, paper machines through OPC and with the customer’s ERP system

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