News Archive 2010

Egemin & GE Intelligent Platforms close PSP
Egemin Automation and GE Intelligent Platforms (GE IP) recently signed a partnership agreement. Through this partnership Egemin becomes GE IP’s Premium Solution Partner for the Belgian market. The agreement between the two technological players constitutes a unique cooperation in the life sciences industry, both from a technical and a commercial perspective. This collaboration might be extended to nutrition and drinks and fine chemicals in the near future.

PSP provider in Belgium

As a result of this partnership, Egemin becomes GE IP's Premier Provider of integrated MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and PCS (Process Control Systems) solutions in Belgium, and as such gains access to core software of GE IP, such as Proficy Plant Applications and Proficy Batch Execution. Furthermore, Egemin will be entitled to use GE IP’s hotline and support channels and participate in intensive product training programmes provided by product experts at GE IP.

Joint strategy, sales and marketing

GE IP and Egemin will set up a joint sales and marketing plan with both parties individually contributing to sales leads generation. Furthermore, the cooperation involves the organisation of joint seminars and the implementation of a clear step-by-step market plan.

Both Egemin in its capacity as domain expert and GE IP as a technology expert, as well as the end customer should benefit from this unique cooperation. This objective can be realised by optimising cost of ownership through better risk assessment and quicker implementation.

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