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Egemin financially healthy company Corporate
Egemin received the award from Graydon on the 9th of September. This means that Egemin is among the top financially healthy companies in the sector. In times of financial uncertainty, it is important to know whom you are dealing with, so that companies are able to do business responsibly.

With the award we can show our customers, partners and suppliers:
  • We are financially in good health
  • They can do business with us confidently
  • The chances of non-payment are very small

Strict criteria

This award is not given to just any company. To qualify, an organisation has to meet a number of strict conditions. For example, the company must be given a positive credit advice, and the risk of non-payment must be minimal. This assessment is based on a range of factors such as turnover, annual figures and payment behaviour. Information is taken from the Graydon database, which is maintained daily so that business partners are assured that the information is complete and up to date.

This action of Graydon's kicked off at the PROVADA 2011 real estate fair, where only half of the exhibitors were found to meet these criteria.

Doing business responsibly

Managing Director of Graydon, Gertjan Kaart: "With this award Egemin can set itself apart from their competitors. The award shows that Egemin can meet its payment obligations. This means that business partners can deal with them without worries."

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