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Warehouse retrofits during summer break Handling Automation
Transport system at D'Ieteren auto
Egemin Automation performed two substantial retrofit projects for existing warehousing customers this summer. Belgian number one car importer D’Ieteren Auto counted on Egemin’s expertise for completing the last stage in upgrading the tote conveyor installation started two years ago. Another existing customer, active in pharmaceuticals, re-engaged Egemin for bringing its 15 year old warehouse installation in line with the latest automation technology. Both projects give proof of satisfied customers reconfirming their trust in Egemin Automation, our warehouse technology and our lifecycle services crew

Putting the cherry on the retrofit cake at D’Ieteren Auto

The retrofit project at D’Ieteren Auto involves the replacement of the last old components of the original tote conveyor installation that has been in use since 1990. In 2009 Egemin replaced the existing installation with an entirely new concept. However, part of the components -conveyor belts and roller conveyors- were not replaced due to a number of reasons.

Begin 2011 Egemin received the order from D’Ieteren Auto to complete the remainder of the system upgrade. As system downtime had to be absolutely avoided during the works, the planning had been implemented during the sales stage. Our engineers took all necessary preparatory steps such as cabling works and pre-construction activities during the week. The actual rebuilding took place during the weekend when the system was not operational. The project was commissioned according planning, in July 2011.

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