News Archive 2011

AGV systems for Bisley Handling Automation
As part of the enhancement of their production facilities in Newport, South Wales, Bisley Office Furniture, manufacturers of steel storage products, are installing two Egemin AGV systems (automated guided vehicles) to provide a logistic link between stores, production cells and their warehouse.

The first AGV system comprises two LTV (load transfer vehicle) double pallet capacity vehicles, working within the factory to deliver components to the production cells from Stores areas and to take palletised finished products to the warehouse.

The second and fully integrated AGV system comprises an FLV 1210, a single pallet counterbalance vehicle. This vehicle collects pallets from the central delivery locations in the production area and delivers these directly to the production cell various floor locations. The FLV vehicle also collects some components from an adjacent finishing line performing a local logistic supply link.

The system, which is the first part of the facility AGV systems, will be fully operational from this summer.

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