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Benelux launch of Stingray Handling Automation
Stingray shuttle
Egemin Automation integrates the new Stingray shuttle system from TGW in its offering. Being an exclusive partner of TGW equipment in the Benelux, this means the official launch of the Stingray in Belgium and The Netherlands. The shuttle systems will also be offered as an integral part of Egemin’s complete warehouse systems elsewhere in Europe and in other regions.

High-performance system for order picking and dynamic buffers

Stingray shuttle systems are performant storage systems for totes, cartons and trays. The system comprises several horizontally moving autonomous shuttles and on or two vertical lift systems in the front area that distribute the load to the required level. As multiple shuttles can operate in the same warehouse aisle, the Stingray is a high-performance system, ideal for the replenishment of order picking stations, sorting systems and buffers. The Stingray is equipped for single-deep or double-deep load storage. As carton and tote retrieval system, the reliable Twister and Spectra load handling device can be used, already in use for more than 10 years.

Full scalability and redundancy

The main advantage of the Stingray is that the shuttles are capable of changing warehouse levels via the shuttle lift, placed in the back end of each aisle. This makes the Stingray scalable for a wide range of applications and capacities and turns it into a very interesting choice for the customer. Customers can start with a few shuttles serving multiple levels and scale up the solution with additional shuttles when more capacity is needed.

Exclusive partnership and distributorship in the Benelux

The Stingray shuttle will be integrated in Egemin’s total warehouse solutions in addition to other available storage systems on the market. Egemin always looks for the warehouse solution that best suits the needs and required capacity of its customers. Egemin Automation is exclusive distributor and integrator of TGW warehouse equipment in the Benelux. Egemin’s product range of TGW equipment includes AS/RS systems such as miniload stacker cranes, shuttle systems and commissioners, conveyor and sorting equipment, order picking stations, etc.

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