News Archive 2011

Egemin Automation closes new deal with Caterpillar

Egemin Automation has received an order from Caterpillar Distribution Services Europe B.V.B.A. for the delivery of new automatic warehouse conveyor systems, as part of a facility expansion project at its parts distribution center in Grimbergen Belgium.

Automatic pallet and tote conveyor systems

Egemin Automation will design, automate and deliver new warehouse conveyor systems for transportation of pallets and totes from the new receiving building to the existing storage and shipping areas. Caterpillar will construct the new building next to the existing ARS (Automatic Racking System) as new receiving zone for all products to be distributed within the EAME service region. Modifications to the existing conveyor installation and controls, installed by Egemin 20 years ago, are part of the project scope.

An enduring partnership

With the first system dating back to 1990, Egemin Automation and Caterpillar Distribution Services Europe B.V.B.A. have a long tradition of working together on material handling projects. The works on-site at Caterpillar will start in March 2012 when the new building is finished. Commissioning of the systems is scheduled for August 2012. Egemin Automation will team up again with its warehouse equipment partner TGW Mechanics who will deliver the conveyor equipment.

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