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Axe Investments acquires participation in Egemin Corporate
Axe Investments NV purchased a 20.9% participation in Egemin International NV (Zwijndrecht) from Sofinim NV (Ackermans & van Haaren NV).

Quote Christian Leysen, Chairman of Axe Investments: “Egemin has a growth strategy and expertise that dovetails with the investment strategy of Axe Investments and its shareholders. Together with the investments made by Axe Investments in the ICT company Xylos and the global Ahlers network, we believe in the further valorisation of technological knowledge in Belgium and abroad. We are therefore delighted to be associated with the continued development of Egemin.”

Quote Luc Bertrand, CEO Ackermans & van Haaren: “The entry of Axe Investments in Egemin constitutes an additional step in our long-standing partnership within Axe with Christian Leysen and is an interesting opportunity to deploy our teams and financial resources within Axe strategically. Christian Leysen will bring valuable logistics expertise to support the Egemin management in the international expansion of the company.”

Quote Jan Vercammen, CEO Egemin: “Egemin is delighted to be able to count for its strategic growth plans on strong shareholders with long-term vision. Their operational involvement will help us further develop our business model. Critical elements in this respect are the focus on selected industries, key account management and lifecycle services, all within an international context.”

Axe Investments NV is a holding company owned by Anacom BVBA (Christian Leysen) and Sofinim NV (Ackermans & van Haaren NV). In the second half of 2011, Sofinim increased its 29.8% stake in Egemin to 80.4% through the acquisition of the participations of Mercator and KBC Private Equity. With Axe Investments joining Egemin, Sofinim’s direct interest decreases to 59.5%; taking into account its indirect interest in Axe Investments, Sofinim maintains a beneficial interest of 69.6% in Egemin. Christian Leysen will join the board of directors of Egemin.

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