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Alcon Belgium orders warehouse & order picking system Handling Automation

Alcon Belgium has placed an order with Egemin for the installation of a fully automated storage and order picking system and corresponding software for its production site in Puurs. The production of CUSTOM-PAK®‘s –customized surgical kits for ophthalmic surgeons– and also the assembly of the components for these packs is still largely done manually. This is to do with the average order size of packs of 75 items with 20 different components. Egemin’s storage solution must guarantee that the supply of all these components is automatic and therefore more efficient.

More efficient filling of operation kits

Surgeons receive an eye operation kit comprising instruments and equipment, such as surgical drapes and gowns, masks, scalpels, but also smaller accessories, such as cottonwool, eye-pieces, bandages, etc. As each surgeon has an individual process for carrying out operations, all the materials in a surgeon’s particular kit are packed in a specific order (i.e. customised).The small accessories are first kitted in a sub-kit. Consequently, an operation kit is prepared in a number of stages, and therefore, the coordination of the selection process with the making up of the kit is very important.

The stocking and packing processes are still manual at the moment, making them both labour intensive and time consuming. Tim De Vries, project coordinator at Alcon: “In order to improve the process efficiency of selecting and making up the CUSTOM-PAK®, we decided to invest in the automation of these two process stages.”

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