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BAT GmbH orders AGV's for Bayreuth plant Handling Automation
British American Tobacco (Germany) GmbH (BAT) has placed a major AGV order for the production plant in Bayreuth. The order comprises the replacement of the obsolete AGV system and a substantial extension of the existing layout with new vehicles. The new system will consist of nine FLV/N 2408, double mast with telescopic laser and automatic battery charge system.

Link between Warehouse and Production

The AGV system at BAT in Bayreuth will be used in 24/7 shifts and bring full pallets with packaging materials from the high-bay warehouse to the production machines in the secondary division. The AGVs will be equipped with a telescopic laser that allows to look over the tall loads that need to be transported. At the production machines the laser will be lowered in order to pass underneath the confined space available.

AGV References in Tobacco

The tobacco industry is a core industry for Egemin AGVs. Many major tobacco accounts, such as Philip Morris, Japan Tobacco Inc. and RJ Reynolds, have repeatedly expressed their confidence in Egemin’s AGV solutions as a transport link between the primary and secondary divisions.

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