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2 in-floor chain conveyors for De Dietrich
De Dietrich, the boiler and condensation equipment manufacturer recently took into use 2 Egemin in-floor chain conveyors at its French production site in Mertzwiller. The chain conveyors are used as assembly lines for the production of boilers. The system has increased De Dietrich’s productivity with 20%. This investment forms part of De Dietrich’s strategic plan to save space in the workshops, boost productivity and make the production of new models more flexible.

Increased productivity, fast return on investment

The new E’tow® chain conveyors automatically transport assembly platforms along the assembly workstations where the boilers are manufactured step by step, at a rate of 0.8 m per minute. This speed allows each shift to produce 110 boilers, in other words, a 20% productivity increase. In future, planning managers will also be able accurately to calculate when they need to start an order in order to be able to finish it in the contract timescales.

The return on investment is five years, just taking into account the increase in productivity, and three years if other factors are taken into account – reduced assembly time and labour costs and the near-absence of halts to the production line.

Safer, more ergonomic working

The in-floor chain conveyor is a safe solution. Staff cannot trip over the line, are able easily to move around the products during assembly and, above all, are not required to push the assembly platforms. All in all, the staff are able to work in greater comfort. De Dietrich also thought about ergonomics. Now, in fact, the employees hardly ever need to bend or carry heavy loads. It is now possible to adjust the level of the assembly platform to the ideal working height. At the beginning of the production line, the boilers are placed at an angle so that it is easier to fit the various components.

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