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Delhaize & Egemin celebrate 100,000 hours of E’tow® Handling Automation
In 1994 Delhaize Belgium decided to automate the transport and storage flow of its empty crates at the distribution centre in Zellik. Egemin Automation installed an E’tow® in-floor conveyor system in charge of the automatic transport and an automatic warehouse for the automated storage of pallets. 18 years on, both systems are still up and running.

The E’tow® in-floor conveyor system has recently clocked up 100,000 hours of use, and that was a cause for celebration. Egemin congratulated the logistics managers and the maintenance team with an award and a maintenance certificate for their careful maintenance of the system all these years – evidence of the strong collaboration between Delhaize and Egemin throughout the years and the extremely reliable quality of Egemin’s E’tow® conveyor systems.

The award was presented on 18th January by Egemin’s CEO Jan Vercammen to Jozef Kempenaers, Vice President for Logistics, and Francis Debast, Distribution Manager at the Fresh Products Centre & Sorting Centre. The maintenance team, represented by Paul Francois, Maintenance Manager, and Steven Hacken, Technical Service Assistant at Delhaize Belgium, received a maintenance certificate for the excellent maintenance services throughout the whole life of the system from Johan Follet, E’tow® Product Manager at Egemin.

Long service life through dedicated maintenance and reliable technology

Johan Follet of Egemin: “The normal service life of a transport chain, regardless of how it’s used, is in the region of 20,000 hours”. Steven Hacken of Delhaize: “Thanks to the reliability of the system, the dedicated maintenance services of our team and the three annual preventative overhauls by Egemin, at 57,000 hours we almost tripled that. According to our most recent test reports, the second transport chain, which has been in use since 2002, is certainly on track to do just as well.”

“Ultimately the E’tow® system from Egemin is perfectly adapted to our requirements and our situation. It’s what we need, seeing as the system is operating 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, and has been now for 18 years.”

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