News Archive 2012

Chinese seminar for logistics industries Handling Automation
Egemin has organised an E'tow® seminar for the Chinese logistics market in Shanghai. Several major players attended the seminar including Deppon Logistics, Damon and Egemin's latest AGV technology partner in China, Hangzhou Rainbow Technology.

China's logistics sector is growing at an incredible fast rate. This is due to the rapid growth of the country's industrial base and the rise of the domestic market. As logistics costs account for over 18% of China's GDP it is essential for the Chinese logistics industry to facilitate further growth in China with proper investments and cost control. Automation of the internal logstics for example of crossdocking and distribution operations

Our in-floor chain conveyors are ultimately suitable for operations with high throughput capacities. In cross-docking centres there are always one or more peak times during the day during which a large amount of goods must be processed in a very short time. Thanks to intelligent lay-outs and by engaging more or fewer product carriers in the system, our systems can easily deal with those peaks.

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