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Good progress on new lock Infra Automation
Simulation lock Heumen

Egemin's Infra Automation division is currently collaborating on an exciting infrastructure project for the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat in Heumen, in The Netherlands. The project involves the construction of an extra lock connecting the Maas with the Maas-Waal canal which will allow shipping traffic in both directions. At high water on the Maas, the lock will function as a weir lock preventing water flow from the Maas to the canal.

Egemin Automation has been contracted by Besix The Netherlands who is acting as main contractor for the Rijkswaterstaat. Egemin Automation is responsible for the design, installation and testing of the electrotechnical, hydraulic and mechanical installations of the new lock. The main challenges of the project were to comply with the strict availability requirements, to provide a maintenance-friendly solution and to be energy self-sufficient.

Tom Haesebrouck, Project Manager at Egemin's Infra Automation division: "With a risk of failure of less than 0.01% and an availability of almost 99% this project puts strong requirements on our team. In addition the reversing device needed to be maintenance-friendly and self-reliant with regard to power consumption.

In order to keep the energy demand under control we integrated maintenance-friendly and low-energy installations. These may be more expensive, but in the long run they will prove to be important money-savers throughout their entire life cycle. The electricity required to open and close the lock gates and to control lighting and other systems is generated by PV panels installed nearby."

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