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Egemin sets foot on Mexican soil with AGVs Handling Automation
Egemin has signed a contract with La Costeña, a Mexican producer of canned foods. Egemin is to install a new AGV system in the La Costeña warehouse close to Mexico City. Seven laser-guided AGVs will transport pallets of chillies between the packing lines and the distribution area.

The new system will be installed without interrupting production on the existing system and will increase supply and dispatch capacity by up to 15%. The contract is valued at approximately one million Euros. The installation is scheduled to start in March 2013 and will take approximately two weeks.

Guaranteed continuity

“It was our guarantee that the move from the old to the new system would not disrupt normal operation that won us the contract”, says Yves Gazin, Global Strategic Solutions Manager at Egemin. “Our plans ensure that everything can be done at once while production continues on the old system.”

Greater capacity and flexibility

The new system consists of seven laser-guided Load Transfer Vehicles (LTVs), each equipped with two roller conveyors at top and bottom. The top roller conveyors transport full pallets containing packed cans to the distribution area. The bottom roller conveyors carry empty pallets from the distribution area to the packing lines. This gives La Costeña up to 15% more transport capacity using the same equipment. The existing routes can be optimised at any time and La Costeña can also add new routes, allowing the AGVs to be used more flexibly.

Building on our strategy

One of Egemin’s specialisms is supplying the food sector. La Costeña is the biggest producer of red peppers and tomato puree in Mexico. The company is part of the Jumex Group, Mexico’s biggest fruit producer, and has 2800 employees.

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