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E&I and Automation partnership with XCaliber Process Automation
The project consists of a full blown calibration loop, controlled by a Honeywell DCS system, enabling the calibration with water of all type of industrial flowmeters. The installation is installed in the Sustainability Factory in Dordrecht, part of the Da Vinci college. Egemin has sponsored the E&I engineering for this unique installation as well as the automation application. The DCS system itself as well as most of the process instrumentation is donated by Honeywell.

After a lot of hard work of all involved partners and sponsors, including Egemin, the XCaliber project will go live Wednesday 26/09/12. The project offers a unique opportunity to technology students: 400 to 500 students will visit XCaliber each year for a practical training course. Furthermore the installation will be available for test purposes for new developments.

Take a look at the XCaliber project on the website of Flowcenter.

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