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Egemin Automation introduces the Process Control Security (PCS) Academy and offers with this a range of trainings in the area of Process Control Security.

The PCS Academy responds to the need in the market for more awareness and knowledge in the area of Process Control Security. In the media more often reports are published about new discovered vulnerabilities in process control systems. Taking over SCADA systems through the internet for instance turns out to be very simple in many cases. However, not everybody is aware of the vulnerabilities and accompanying risks within his/her process environment.

Egemin Automation chose to organize her PCS Academy on different levels - ‘Awareness’, ‘Knowledge’ en ‘Skills’ - and to tune the supply of trainings within these three levels to specific target groups.

Within the PCS Academy a lot of attention is given to the process of becoming aware, because this is an important starting point to become able to improve the security status of an organization. Awareness sessions are organized on management level, but for instance also for operators.

Which Process Control Security competences an employee needs to have, is dependent of the function he/she holds. A manager for example usually needs to have less in-depth technical knowledge than a process engineer. We can help you determine which trainings are relevant for you and your employees.

What can we do for you?

The PCS Academy is part of the Process Control Security Competence Center of Egemin Automation, from which customers are supported in establishing a secure (digital) business environment. Egemin Automation supplies advanced automation solutions and embeds security in new and current projects.

Egemin Automation supports companies in charting and mitigating cyber risks. With an effective security strategy unwanted intrusions into the information infrastructure can be avoided as much as possible, all systems will work as effectively as possible, confidential data are better protected and the integrity of the process environment is better safeguarded. 

For more information about our PCS Academy and solutions and services you can contact our:

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