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9 AGVs for JTI UK in Northern Ireland Handling Automation
Egemin Automation is proud to announce that it has just completed the commissioning of a 9-vehicle AGV system at the Japan Tobacco International manufacturing facility in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. The Ballymena plant manufactures roll-your own products  for the UK and European markets. The AGVs, or E’gvs (Egemin guided vehicles) in Egemin terminology, have automated the transport of packing materials to the production lines and the transport of finished goods from the lines.

The E’gv system includes 5 narrow pallet E’gvs of type FLV1010/NL, for the transport of packing material, empty and finished goods pallets, plus 4 counterbalance E’gvs of type CLV1404/CL, for the transport of tobacco bins. The system also includes a fully automatic battery exchange station, at which the E’gvs change their own batteries without losing time and without manual intervention.


A couple of years ago, Egemin installed an AGV system for tobacco transport at JTI in Germany. This positive experience, together with Egemin’s proactive attitude during the sales and concept development process have convinced JTI, Northern Ireland to embark on this new project with Egemin. The tobacco industry is a core industry for Egemin AGVs and many major tobacco accounts have repeatedly expressed their confidence in Egemin’s AGV solutions.

The cooperation between JTI, Northern Ireland and Egemin proved to be especially successful in the following areas:
  • A smooth start-up, without any major problems, with factory production remaining at normal capacity levels throughout the vast majority of the installation period .
  • E’tricc operator screens that are very intuitive, making the change from a manual to an automated work environment much easier for the operators.
  • An extensive training schedule, where all of the people involved in the factory received tailor-made instruction, to match their level of expertise.
  • In all, the production area now has a much more organised feel since E’GV implementation compared with the previous manual truck system.

Learn more on this AGV system at JTI UK in the press release

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