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Integrated warehouse system for Vandeputte Handling Automation
Egemin has automated Vandeputte’s brand new distribution centre. For this, it developed and integrated a semi-automated warehouse concept. Through automating its intralogistics Vandeputte is able to process up to 2,000 orders daily, instead of 1,500, with the same number of employees.

Vandeputte distributes personal protective equipment (e.g. overalls, safety shoes, gloves) to industrial companies. It moved its distribution centre to a new building in Puurs before the summer to better meet the change in customer demand. Nowadays Vandeputte receives more and more electronic orders from its customers. These are usually smaller orders – before gloves were ordered per 100 pairs, while now they are ordered in ten batches of ten. The automation enables Vandeputte to respond to this change and to further optimize its logistics process. This results in a more efficient delivery to the customers.


The warehouse system consists of an extensive reception area, an automated miniload warehouse with 36,000 totes and three miniload stacker cranes, four order picking stations and a comprehensive transport and sorting system. This automatic installation is controlled together with the manual pallet warehouse by Egemin’s warehouse management software E'wms®. E'wms® controls the flow of incoming and outgoing goods and communicates with the SAP system that manages the order, inventory and billing.


"We used to have a batch picking system. Our employees had to travel long distances to pick the goods, bend a lot and carry out many manual operations. Thanks to the automatic installation we work much faster and more ergonomically and the work is more enjoyable for the employees. Because everything is scanned, errors are practically impossible and we have a correct picture of the stock at any time. Goods can be traced at any time. Such transparency is very important to us and to our customers,” says CEO Dirk Vandeputte.


On Thursday 28 November Egemin organizes a tour of Vandeputte’s new distribution centre for its clients. You will follow the flow of goods and receive explanations at each major area. Learn more and subscribe on the event page (Dutch seminar).

Learn more on the automated warehouse system at Vandeputte in the press release

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