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Zijderlaan chooses automated warehouse from Egemin Handling Automation
Egemin Automation will build an automated storage sugar warehouse for Zijderlaan at the site of Suiker Unie Puttershoek, in the Netherlands. A conveyor installation will connect the warehouse with Suiker Unie’s plant. Third-party logistics service provider Zijderlaan worked out the details of the project together with Egemin Automation. Egemin is responsible for the design of the installation, Zijderlaan for its management. The implementation stage will last 11 months.

"Together with Zijderlaan and their consultancy Dual Logistics, we have developed an automated storage concept," says Marcel Spruijt, sales manager at Egemin Automation. “Suiker Unie has opted for Zijderlaan on the basis of that concept, the calculations and trust. The concept was subsequently developed further by Zijderlaan, Suiker Unie, Dual Logistics and Egemin."


The automated warehouse - 156 metres long, 43 metres wide and 20 metres high - will be equipped with three pallet cranes fitted with a satellite for multi-deep storage. The warehouse will have an inbound storage capacity from the production area of 40 pallets per hour. Additionally, pallets coming from other plants will be received as well in the warehouse. The outbound capacity will mount to 125 pallets per hour. In total, the automated warehouse will have 17,500 pallet locations.

The pallets from the Suiker Unie are now transported autonomously from the plant to the new warehouse. Also part of Egemin’s scope is the supply of a conveyor system and transfer cars that need to connect the production area with the warehouse. To control the material flow Egemin will also provide a control system for the picking floor and the WMS system for the entire warehouse.

More information on the new automated warehouse for Zijderlaan in the press release

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