News Archive 2013

Egemin protects installations with McAfee Process Automation
Supplier of automated process systems Egemin Automation has entered into a partnership with security specialist McAfee. The company thus offers its customers the option to optimally protect their installations. The Integrity Control System protects installations against unwanted viruses, breaches and data manipulation.

The continuity of the installations is guaranteed through whitelisting which also provides optimal manageability. With this method you can – much more than with traditional anti-malware – avoid deliberate and undeliberate breaches of critical infrastructures and also optimise your patch management.


The Integrity Control tool can fully encapsulate the installed and tested system at the client. The system only runs approved software thus excluding both general and targeted attacks. The possibility to run unregistered executables or executable files is therefore non-existent.

The system memory is under constant surveillance, so that optimum protection against viruses and unintended programmes is assured. A password is required to log in to the system; user authorisation and reporting are standard features.

Integrity Control is applicable to all automation systems, including all SCADA stations, DCS systems, clients and servers.

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