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Ferrero chooses Egemin to modernise its warehouse Handling Automation
Ferrero Ardennes SA, based in Arlon, has tasked Egemin Automation with modernising its fully automated warehouse and transport system. Egemin supplied the original system to Ferrero in 1999. Ferrero wants to guarantee the continuity of its distribution activities with the warehouse retrofit. The renewal project will be executed in phases.

Transport and storage of chocolate

Ferrero’s warehouse system is used for the transport from production and storage of all kinds of chocolate products from Ferrero’s range. The pallet conveyors carry the pallets from the production lines and take them to the warehouse that is equipped with four automatic pallet stacker cranes. The pallet cranes store the pallets double deep – per two, behind each other – in the warehouse racks. The temperature in the warehouse is conditioned to a temperature between 2 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Large-scale modernisation operation

The warehouse system has been in use for almost 15 years now. Ferrero does not want to compromise the logistical operations in the Arlon factory because of an outdated system. It therefore commissioned Egemin to renew the complete controls of the automatic cranes. The retrofit includes the following:
  •   Replacement of Siemens S5 by S7 PLCs
  •   Replacement of RS422 communication by Ethernet cards
  •   Installation of integrated PROFIsafe safety cards
  •   Replacement of absolute encoders by laser distance measuring
  •   Placement of IPOS positioning module
In 2002 Egemin already replaced all the DC engines by newer and more modern AC engines en associated controls.

Switchover during summer break

The upgrade of the cranes takes place during the annual summer break, when production is suspended. The first stacker crane was already upgraded in 2012; Egemin worked on the next two cranes during the yearly summer break. The last crane will be upgraded in 2014. The phased switchover during the summer break ensures Ferrero is not experiencing any loss of production during the works on-site.

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