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Egemin automates new lock in Heumen Infra Automation
Flood lock Heumen

Egemin Automation designed and built an extra flood lock for the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat in Heumen (the Netherlands) that connects the Maas with the Maas-Waal canal. For this project, Egemin engaged its Infra Automation division and worked as subcontractor for Besix Netherlands, the main contractor for the Rijkswaterstaat project.

High availability, low fail rate

The flood lock allows shipping traffic in both directions. During high tide on the Maas, the lock functions as a weir lock to prevent the water from the Maas flowing into the canal. Egemin Automation was responsible for the design, installation and the testing of the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts of the installations of the new flood lock.

Besix Netherlands chose for Egemin because they met the high requirements defined for the project. The Dutch waterways demanded an ultrahigh availability of almost 99% with a failure probability of less than 0.01 percent.

Energy neutral installation

“The lock for two-way traffic had to be energy neutral and maintenance-friendly”, explains Egemin’s project manager Tom Haesebrouck. “To control the power consumption, we have integrated low-energy installations. These are more expensive to purchase but they pay back themselves. The energy required for the opening and closing of the gates, the control lighting and other systems, is generated by solar panels.”

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