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Life Sciences scores big project at Laboraotria Smeets Life Sciences
Egemin’s Life Sciences division has won an EPCM project from Laboratoria Smeets with a value of more than 2 million euros. Laboratoria Smeets bought an installation including a chemical reactor, a vacuum blender and a packaging line from a large Belgian pharmaceutical company. Egemin will assemble the production installation in practically the same configuration and delivers the engineering, purchasing, construction and automation, management and qualification. Before dismantling the installation, Egemin took a 3D scan of the set-up. Egemin is now working on the construction of the installation. It has to be operational by early 2014.

"Egemin will automate the installation as much as possible and make sure that our employees can work under the best ergonomic conditions. They will not just reassemble the installation, they will also provide some innovations: we will have immediate access to the information for batch documentation and traceability through a central data monitoring system. The maintenance cost is limited and includes preventive measures, such as additional differential pressure measurements on the filters. As such we want to avoid downtime as much as possible. We can also measure and log key process parameters such as the concentration of oxygen/reagents, the doses of liquids and powders, etc.”, says Dr Jef Verplaetse, Managing Director of Laboratoria Smeets.


"Egemin is best known for its automation projects in warehouses, distribution centers and production environments, fewer people know that we also offer EPCM (engineering, procurement, construction and management) services. It is our ambition to carry out more projects of this kind. Our added value lies in the fact that we can take the engineering, automation and qualification together and integrate them from the front row,” says Danny Helvert, Key Account Manager at Egemin.

The installation consists of six large parts. a storage silo of 100m³ for the (bulk) storage of Polysoy, a weighing unit to dose the exact amount of Polysoy required for the premix production, a reactor to prepare the API solution (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), a mixer-dryer to apply the API to the Polysoy and to dry the final product, a solvent regeneration system with cooling equipment and finally a packaging line for packaging from 1g up to 25kg. Pharmaceutical companies use the produced powders to manufacture all kinds of medicines and dietary supplements for both humans and animals. Some examples of APIs include certain antibiotics, piracetam, glucosamine, undecylenic acid, acetylcysteine, vitamins, etc.

Learn more in the press release on the EPCM project at Laboratoria Smeets

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