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Fire safety in new Liefkenshoek railway tunnel Infra Automation
Egemin Automation has received an order for the automation of the GBRS system (gas and fire scenario) in the new Liefkenshoek railway tunnel near Antwerp. Egemin engaged its Infra Automation division for the project. Van den Berg NV, a division of the Heijmans construction company, is the main contractor for the project. ICTRA, a division of Infrabel, is the client. The new railway tunnel will be used for the transportation of goods within the port of Antwerp and it connects Antwerp's Left Bank with the rest of the port. The tunnel is currently in the final construction stage and will be commissioned in the autumn of 2014.


The order includes the visualisation and control of the GBRS system in the tunnel. The integrated system provides a secure and reliable processing of signals from all the detection systems (gas, fire, intrusion ...) and engages an appropriate agent (ventilation, fire extinguishing, CCTV ...). Egemin is responsible for the interaction with all those components, but also for the building control system and the implementation of a scenario matrix. Egemin automates and certifies those scenarios in a redundant, secure environment. The automation technology is based on a PLC visualisation system at SCADA level. These are programmable controls that collect, transmit, process and visualise the measurement and control signals in the tunnel.


"The installation work will be done in a 14 km long section with two tunnels of about 2 and 6 km and will be critical for the safety of the users," says Marc Bocxstael, Division Manager Infra Automation at Egemin. "Our Infra Automation division has already successfully completed several visualisation projects and has experience of implementing projects involving SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level)." That is a measure of the functional safety of the instrumental safeguarding. Smoke and heat removal is also regulated in accordance with this certified solution.

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