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Egemin achieves a world first with AGVs at Miko Pac Handling Automation
Miko Pac (Gunter Van Deun)
Egemin recently completed a totally new automatic warehouse for packaging manufacturer Miko Pac, using traditional warehouse trucks equipped with AGV technology. It is the first warehouse in which unmanned reach trucks and narrow-aisle trucks from Still work together to deliver and remove pallets of finished products. AGV technology from Egemin has been installed in the form of an automation pack on the forklift trucks.

Miko Pac chose for a narrow-aisle warehouse system, which has certain benefits over a standard warehouse rack system, as better use can be made of the available floor space and no special equipment is required in order to be able to stack to higher levels. For the concept, design and installation they chose to work together with Egemin Automation. "Thanks to the automation, we can continue to grow with the same number of staff: with the same workforce we can now double the pallet volume,” calculates Frank Michielsen from Miko Pac.


Two FM X-reach trucks automatically carry the pallets to a buffer zone. From there they are collected by one of the three MX-X narrow aisle trucks. Both types of Still forklifts have the same Automation Pack based on the standard Egemin E'gv® control system, so Egemin only needed to adapt the existing configuration on the trucks. When they have collected the pallets, the unmanned FM-X trucks distribute them across sixteen different aisles. The pallets differ in height, width and depth, as Miko Pac use a range of different pallet types varying from customer to customer. The rough positioning, used to see if there is space available in the rack, is done using laser and reflector technology. Egemin have also developed technology to enable fine positioning during placement of the pallet on the rack or and its removal. Sensors have been installed to ensure safe navigation
inside the warehouse. In addition, Egemin developed an innovative concept that automatically controls the brake pedal in the case of obstacles.

Take a look at the press release about Miko Pac

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