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Warehouse retrofit at SKF distribution center Handling Automation
SKF Logistics Services Belgium NV has signed an agreement with Egemin Automation to upgrade the high-bay warehouse at its European distribution centre. SKF wants to align its warehouse installation with the latest technology and secure the continuity of its distribution operations.

The European Distribution Centre for the storage and distribution of products of the Swedish company SKF was set up in Tongeren, Belgium, in 1994. From this centre, the company delivers all kinds of bearings, lubricants and seals throughout Europe within 48 hours. The distribution centre has a high-bay warehouse with seven fully automatic pallet stacker cranes and a sorting zone equipped with pallet conveyors and five transfer cars. The installation has been operational since 1995 and has been modernised over the years in order to guarantee the continuity of the deliveries.


To perform this upgrade job, SKF Logistics Services Belgium NV chose Egemin Automation, which can provide many retrofit references. A retrofit is replacing old technologies by new ones on existing installations. In view of the size of the project, the retrofit project will be realized in two phases. In the first phase, scheduled for the second half of 2013, the PLCs and a pallet crane will be upgraded from Siemens S5 to Siemens S7. The remaining cranes are due to be upgraded in the second phase, scheduled for the first half of 2014.


Egemin is receiving more and more enquiries for retrofit projects. Many warehouse installations are gradually becoming due for replacement, particularly with regard to control systems and software. Retrofitting is a good way to update the installations completely with limited investment. It is also an energy friendly project, because new control systems consume less power and because the steel of existing cranes and conveyors can be preserved.

Read the full press release on the warehouse retrofit at SKF

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