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TVH extends conveyor system Handling Automation
Egemin conveyor system at TVH
TVH – Thermote & Vanhalst has ordered a new automation project with Egemin Automation. The company wants to extend the conveyor system that Egemin installed last year to connect its new building with the existing ones. TVH is mainly investing in this extension project to improve redundancy and optimise operations.


In order to support the further growth of the TVH range, an extension of the conveyor system was needed. This addition to the existing conveyor belt is a logical step in the supplier’s continued growth, as it sees its product range growing year on year. This is reflected in increase in annual sales of 20%. The company aims to increase the level of automation and streamline the flow of materials so that operators on the factory floor do not get under each other’s feet. The conveyor system transports totes containing components for forklift trucks, aerial work platforms and other vehicle parts. In the meantime TVH has extended its offer to more than 500,000 stock locations.


The original conveyor installation, with a total length of more than one mile, was installed last year to prevent bottlenecks in the intralogistic operations. It connects to the existing conveyor and sorting installations and the tote or miniload warehouse. TVH supplies practically all its European sites from its TVH headquarters in Waregem. This operation requires cutting-edge logistics tools in order to be able to guarantee that the tight 24-hour delivery schedule is met. In many countries, no warehouse or logistics hub exists to supply parts to customers. After relocating to bigger headquarters in 2004, the company decided to centralise the logistic supply of European countries to a greater extent, which is why TVH chose automation.

Read the full press release on the extended conveyor system at TVH

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