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New automated warehouse for Samsonite Handling Automation
Samsonite Europe has started with the construction of a fifth warehouse that will serve as a buffer warehouse for the existing warehouses in their Oudenaarde plant. Egemin Automation has taken on the automation of this new pallet warehouse. The new warehouse needs to be operational towards the end of this year.

Samsonite is building a fifth warehouse because their product range is continuing to grow. In order to be able to serve their clients and shops efficiently, Samsonite needed extra storage space. Previously, a large part of the stocks needed to be stored externally but this is no longer the case. In total the warehouse will consist of 20,000 pallet locations counted over six warehouse aisles.

Warehouse made to measure

Samsonite needs a lot of storage space but the rotation speed of goods is relatively low. In order to meet these requirements, Egemin will equip the warehouse with three aisle-switching stacker cranes. The cranes can access all of the aisles via an exchange system at the front of the warehouse. The cranes are also equipped with a shuttle for multi-deep storage. The shuttle can drive in the racking, so more pallets can be stored and retrieved. The stacker cranes are controlled with their own E’car® control. The whole warehouse is controlled by E’wms®, Egemin’s warehouse management system.

Positive experiences from the past

Germain Ghys, Warehouse Manager at Samsonite: “Compared with all of the other providers, Egemin offered the most competitive solution.” Egemin previously retrofitted the controls for seven aisle-switching cranes in another automatic warehouse. “The positive experiences we gained during this retrofit project with them clinched the deal,’’ said Germain Ghys.

KardexStow will deliver the racking for this project. “As a result of our good working partnership with Stow, we have been able to design an optimal warehouse configuration to make the most of the storage space available,’’ states Henk Deloof, Sales Manager at Egemin Automation.

Read more on Samsonite's automated warehouse order in the press release

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