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Egemin wins new series of remote control projects Infra Automation
Egemin’s Infra Automation division is working on several major infrastructure projects to centralize the remote operation of bridges for rail traffic and shipping to provide a smoother flow. Electromechanical components of the bridges will be renewed, or a completely new operating system will be installed. Flemish waterway manager Waterwegen & Zeekanaal and railway infrastructure manager Infrabel are important clients in that respect.


Egemin recently won the contract for the expansion of the remote control for the bridges on the Brussels-Scheldt Sea Canal and the bridges and locks on the Leuven-Dijle Canal. In a first stage, it mapped all existing components. In a second stage, Egemin will upgrade the technology in the decade-old control rooms. "Such an inventory of the existing infrastructure ensures that we can establish an efficient maintenance package," says Tom Haesebrouck, Project Manager at Egemin Automation. “That way, we get a clear view of the availability of the installation, so that we can avoid future defects through preventive maintenance."

By centralizing the control of the bridges and locks this happens much faster and clearer, enabling shipping to apply tighter delivery deadlines. In an earlier stage, client Waterwagen & Zeekanaal also integrated the remote control at the Brussels-Charleroi Canal. The locks of Lembeek, Halle, Lot and Ruisbroek can be controlled centrally from the control room at Lembeek. Egemin won the two-million-euro project because of its innovative proposal and pricing. "We completed the entire project four months earlier than originally agreed. An incredible accomplishment, “says Tom Haesebrouck.


Egemin combined the remote control project along the Brussels-Charleroi Canal with the tender of the water level control along the canal. A tender is part of a series of measures taken after the exceptional flooding around the canal. The automatic control enables the waterway manager to constantly register the water levels at various points along the canal and control the supply and drainage, if necessary.


The third infrastructure project Egemin is currently realizing for Waterwegen & Zeekanaal is the renewal of the electromechanics of the three bridges on the Plassendale Canal. This also requires remote control for a total of eleven constructions (bridges and locks) along the canal to Plassendale and the Ghent-Ostend Canal. The eleven constructions are provided with a complete new higher-level remote control system to allow control from a central point. The control of the bridges and locks will be perfectly tuned to one another. The contract value of this project is one-and-a-half million euros.

Egemin Automation will install a similar remote control for the existing lifting bridge in Oudenaarde. Egemin will also carry out a complete overhaul of the electromechanical components.


At Infrabel, they also see the advantage of the automatic remote control of railway bridges. Egemin will renew the complete electro drive of the railway bridge, along with a portion of the hydraulics in Dudzele. Earlier, the controls were also renewed on the railway bridges in, among others, Boom, Willebroek, Ruisbroek and Wiedauwkaai in Ghent. Because of the reconditioning of the various controls, Egemin can easily install a system for remote control from a central point. All this amounts to a contract value of 3.8 million euros. "The cooperation with Infrabel runs so smoothly that Egemin maintains virtually all Flemish railway bridges for passenger trains," concludes Koen Cools, Project Manager at Egemin.

You can download photographs of remote control projects of locks here.

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