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Egemin Automation and STILL join forces Handling Automation
During the 2015 Logistica tradeshow, from 10 to 13 November in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, Egemin Automation and STILL concluded their renewed collaboration. The partners are joining hands to provide customer-specific, automated solutions for every deployment need.

The collaboration between STILL and Egemin is rich in history. As from 1958, Egemin has been the importer of STILL trucks for a long while for the Benelux region. In addition, the logistics automation specialist has provided STILL trucks with the latest technologies on a project basis for several years so that these can be deployed automatically. With the acquisition of Egemin Automation by the KION Group in May of this year, that collaboration was sealed definitively.


STILL, also part of the KION Group, is among the market leaders in customer-specific, premium solutions for intralogistics. Egemin Automation focuses on turnkey automated material handling solutions for internal transport and storage. This new collaboration joins forces and creates a team of 350 automation experts with knowledge in nearly all market segments. “We can approach the market as a single large supplier”, states Jean-Paul Dubois, Managing Director of STILL Benelux. “The Benelux is one of our most important markets. Since we are now part of the same group, we can collaborate more intensively with STILL in the Benelux”, adds Jan Vercammen, CEO and Managing Director at Egemin Automation.


Examples of STILL'S flexible and intuitive solutions for automating one or several trucks using iPads include the introduction of iGoEasy. Dubois and Vercammen view this and other previously successful steps in the area of internal transport automation as an advantage. Both partners strengthen each other.

“While STILL's previously presented solutions are interesting for automating part of the company process, Egemin Automation's solutions are intended for an entirely different target group and are, indeed, suited for the turnkey automation of complete warehouse operations, for example", says Dubois. “By joining our know-how and experience, we provide the market with a one-stop-shop solution that clients can call on for all of their automation issues.”


According to Vercammen, the need for a total solution is increasing. “Traditionally, Europe and North America are the regions that are most automated, with costs being, of course, the most important driver", he states. But naturally, there are other factors that make automation interesting - such as quality, safety and making and keeping (warehouse) processes manageable. "In other words, being able to offer a total package is vitally important”, according to Vercammen.


In addition to the existing automation solutions based on the STILL MX-X very narrow aisle truck, the STILL FM-X type reach truck, and Egemin’s automation pack for warehouse trucks, Egemin Automation and STILL will offer projects for additional standard series trucks from STILL, suitable for automation: the EXV-SF stacker, the EK-X high-lift order picking truck, the CX-T tow tractor and the EXU-SF electro pallet truck. Furthermore, the partners will be jointly offering a series of product-w automation concept solutions - for automatic transport of single pallets from one point to another point, for example, or for transporting goods with automated tugger trains along multiple drop-off locations. "Since these concepts are also suited to series production, the costs are low, also for service, and the flexibility is incredibly high”, adds Vercammen.

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