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Information for customers: new company structure Egemin Belgium
Beginning of May we have announced that our Handling Automation division will be integrated, together with our brand name Egemin Automation, into the KION Group. The four other Egemin divisions (Life Sciences, Process Automation, Infra Automation and Consulting & Services) will continue together with the name AGIDENS. Due to the sale of the Handling Automation division and the foundation of AGIDENS, we are changing our company structure as of the 1st of June 2015. This requires an administrative change in your systems. We hereby provide you with the necessary information.

What will change?
Egemin NV will consist of the Handling Automation activities only (automatic warehouse and distribution systems, automatic guided vehicles, in floor chain systems). This means that for clients of the Handling Automation division nothing changes. From the 1st of June, the other activities will work under the following companies:
  • Agidens Life Sciences NV
  • Agidens Process Automation NV
  • Agidens Infra Automation NV
The consulting-activities that are being delivered by Egemin Consulting NV, will work under Agidens Life Sciences NV. Here you find an easy to use overview of the companies you have done business with in the past and the ones you will do business with from the 1st of June.

We kindly ask you to change the data in your systems: VAT-numbers, bank account numbers, telephone numbers and e-mail address.

What does not change?
The address does not change. All companies (Egemin NV, as well as the Agidens companies) stay at  Baarbeek 1, 2070 Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

More information?
Please contact your regular point of contact at Egemin or Agidens. Or take contact with our Finance department via +32 36411419 of

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