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KION Group acquires Handling Automation division of automation specialist Egemin Group Corporate
KION GROUP AG – one of the world's two largest suppliers of forklift trucks, warehouse technology and associated services – has signed an agreement with Ackermans & van Haaren and the other Egemin shareholders to purchase the Handling Automation division of Egemin Automation. The divisions Process Automation, Life Sciences, Infra Automation and Consulting & Services are not part of this acquisition deal. Ackermans & van Haaren and the other shareholders continue their full support to the other Egemin divisions, which will continue together under the name.

The management team of Egemin is absolutely convinced that this transaction will have an enormous added value for the customers, partners and employees of all divisions. The integration in the KION Group offers the Handling Automation division unique opportunities for growth with an extensive international sales network. With this transaction the four other divisions can leverage on both their strong market presence and clear strategic focus to increase their customer intimacy in key markets.

Growth opportunities for Handling Automation

Egemin Automation’s Handling Automation division has been working closely with the KION Group and its brand companies STILL and Linde Material Handling for many years. Being part of this international group will open up huge opportunities for growth for the Handling Automation division. The combination of our solutions with the excellent range of trucks and the global sales and service network of the KION brand companies will give Egemin Automation an important competitive edge in its future project business. Egemin Automation will be integrated as an independent company into the KION Group and will be managed under the brand name Egemin Automation in KION’s portfolio next to the 6 existing brands.

Together, Egemin Automation and KION have vast potential for innovation that will enable us to provide the best possible solutions for our customers going forward. The KION Group has long-standing expertise in integrating new companies and brands into the Group and its effective multi-brand strategy has been the key to its success. Egemin Automation will retain its cultural identity while also being able to benefit from the advantages of being part of a global group. It will provide Egemin Automation with excellent opportunities to continue building on its successful strategy for growth.

New name, renewed focus on customer businesses for other divisions

The service offering of our Process Automation, Life Sciences, Infra Automation and Consulting & Services divisions remains unchanged. But at the same time, this transaction creates new opportunities. It allows the four other divisions to deploy a dedicated business strategy in a new company, built to the particular needs of each division and its clients. The four divisions are now able to position themselves together as a company that fully aims at understanding and optimizing the actual process of our customer’s businesses: life sciences, food & beverage, tank terminals, chemicals, infrastructure, etc. To better serve our customers, future company investments will be aimed at improving a more focused service offering. The consulting and maintenance services make our business model unique and put our new company at the top of the list.

As the Egemin Automation brand name will be incorporated in the KION Group, the four other divisions will continue together under a new company name, Agidens. The new company management will take care to keep the company culture, values, vision and strategy as before. Ackermans & van Haaren, the other Egemin Group shareholders and the Board of Directors strongly believe in the future of these four divisions and are glad to continue their full support to the company.


Egemin Automation will work particularly closely with the intralogistics systems (ILS) business of the KION brand STILL. In future, current Egemin Group CEO Jan Vercammen will manage the Egemin Automation brand as CEO within the KION Group and report directly to the KION CEO Gordon Riske. Jan Vercammen will be supported in the management team by current division manager Handling Automation Marc Guns, who takes the position of COO.

Geert Stienen, current CFO of the Egemin Group, will become CEO and lead the new company with the four divisions into the future. He will be assisted by Jo Janssens, who remains COO. Division managers Arnoud den Hoedt, Pieter Tilkens and Marc Bocxstael continue to lead their respective divisions in the new company. The Consulting & Services division will be led by Geert Stienen as well.

The transaction with the KION Group is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2015.

Who is the KION Group?

The KION Group – comprising the six existing brands of Linde, STILL, Fenwick, OM STILL, Baoli and Voltas – is the largest manufacturer of industrial trucks in western and eastern Europe, the global number two in the industry and the leading non-domestic supplier in China. The Linde and STILL brands serve the premium segment worldwide. Fenwick is the largest supplier of material handling products in France, and OM STILL is a market leader in Italy. The Baoli brand focuses on the economy segment, and Voltas is a leading provider of industrial trucks in India. The KION Group is present in more than 100 countries and, in 2014, employed over 22,000 people and generated revenue of around €4.7 billion. KION GROUP AG has been listed on Deutsche Börse's Frankfurt Stock Exchange since June 2013.

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