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Egemin launches E’gv® Compact Handling Automation
Egemin Automation will unveil a new product at ProMat 2015 in Chicago, starting March 23, 2015. The E’gv® Compact is a small yet robust new AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) designed to handle standard-sized loads at higher capacities than the AGCs (Automatic Guided Carts) currently available on the market. This flexible vehicle has a fast time to market at an affordable price. Egemin will set the E’gv® Compact in the market as an add-on to its existing high-grade E’gv® product line vehicles that are customised for specific applications.

Modular vehicle concept

E’gv® Compact will first be released as a tugger vehicle capable of towing up to 4,500 kg (10,000 pounds), which is about five times the capacity of an AGC. The base vehicle can also be fitted with lifting forks in the styles of counterbalance, straddle, narrow, or as a conveyor vehicle utilizing a single or dual roller conveyor. Because of the off-the-shelf nature of this product, the turn-around from order to delivery is about 75% faster than that of a custom AGV. Because of the low up-front cost, the ROI is considerably faster.

The vehicle will be built with the quality for which Egemin is known. It also boasts simple installation, an ability to be integrated fully with other Egemin products, and a heavy-duty welded steel body.

Introduction on the European market

The E’gv® Compact will be available on the European market this summer. It will be first released here as a tugger vehicle too. The launch of the forked version of the E’gv® Compact is projected for early 2016.

Download pictures of the new E’gv Compact

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