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Validated storage and order picking in cleanrooms Handling Automation
Validated storage and order picking in cleanrooms
Egemin has implemented a validate storage and order picking system for a pharmaceutical producer of ophthalmic products. The system is installed in the replenishment warehouse and the cleanroom. The customer uses the installation for the assembly of eye operation kits for ophthalmic surgeons.

As each surgeon has an individual process for carrying out operations, all the materials in a surgeon’s particular kit are packed in a specific order (i.e. customised).The small accessories are first kitted in a sub-kit. Consequently, an operation kit is prepared in a number of stages, and therefore, the coordination of the selection process with the making up of the kit is very important. Egemin made sure that the supply in the intralogistics process is fully automated.

Compliant with cleanroom regulations

The automated warehouse is located in a conventional area, whereas the order picking area is inside a cleanroom. This is a highly purified and pressurized area to keep contamination like dust, fibers and micro-organisms in the air outside. To meet cleanroom requirements Egemin installed special conveyors with powder-coated supports. All control cabinets in the cleanroom are made of stainless steel. The electrical wiring is placed in fully enclosed plastic cable ducts. To transport the totes between the cleanroom and the warehouse, Egemin integrated sliding doors. These minimises the pressure drop inside the cleanroom. Together with the customer, Egemin also supported the validation of the software. This was possible thanks to Egemin's strong validation skills in pharmaceutical environments.

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