News Archive 2016

Egemin CEO Jan Vercammen: “Huge opportunities from KION Group’s acquisition of Dematic” Handling Automation

“The purchase of Dematic by the KION Group will provide huge opportunities for Egemin Automation in terms of cooperation”, said Jan Vercammen, CEO of Egemin Automation, commenting on the acquisition. “First of all, Egemin will be able to further extend its existing offering in automated warehouse and distribution solutions. Secondly, we will further grow as leading provider of automated guided vehicle systems and in-floor chain conveyor solutions”, he added. “Egemin will also benefit from a broader customer portfolio, a wider sales and service network, an extensive material handling equipment, solution and software offering, joint procurement, and R&D cooperation, etc. And last but not least, Egemin will benefit from an important competitive edge in future project business.”

For more information on the acquisition of Dematic by the KION Group, please read the official press release on the KION Group website.

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