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Warehouse projects at Mazak, Samsonite & Pfizer | Flood lock Heumen in use | New staff in the UK & Netherlands

With several new projects for existing and new customers, 2013 is promising to be a very exciting year for Egemin in the field of warehouse automation. Belgian customers Mazak and Samsonite are building new warehouses and have enlisted Egemin to deliver the warehouse automation. Warehouse retrofit projects for numerous other customers are scheduled in the next coming months as well. In Germany, Pfizer ordered a new AGV system to make its production logistics in the Freiburg plant more efficient.

The river Maas and the Maas-Waal canal in the Netherlands are connected as from now via a new flood lock. Egemin took care of the automation of the energy neutral lock and worked as a subcontractor for Besix Netherlands. In Belgium Egemin's Infra Automation division has won new infrastructure orders for the canal Brussels-Charleroi, including the development of a remote control system and the automation of the water level control. Egemin will also build three new weirs in the West of Flanders.

Egemin continues its international expansion with the employment of two new sales forces for the UK and The Netherlands. Peter Holdcroft joins Egemin UK and will focus on the sales of automated guided vehicle systems, in-floor chain conveyors and automated warehouse systems for the UK and Irish markets. Bernardo Stokman joins Egemin's Process Automation division as commercial director.


Egemin automates for Yamazaki Mazak

Thu 25 Apr 2013

Egemin Automation has signed a new warehouse automation contract with an existing client, Yamazaki Mazak Europe. Egemin will take care of the logistic automation of the new distribution centre that Yamazaki is building next to its existing warehouses. The Japanese company Takenaka is building the new distribution centre.

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Egemin automates new lock in Heumen

Fri 19 Apr 2013

Egemin Automation designed and built an extra flood lock for the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat in Heumen (the Netherlands) that connects the Maas with the Maas-Waal canal. For this project, Egemin engaged its Infra Automation division and worked as subcontractor for Besix Netherlands, the main contractor for the Rijkswaterstaat project.

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New commercial director in the Netherlands

Mon 15 Apr 2013

Bernardo Stokman (39) has been appointed as new commercial director for Egemin’s Process Automation division in the Netherlands. Bernardo will be responsible for determining and implementing the commercial policy within the division that designs, installs and maintains automation projects. He reports to the division manager Arnoud den Hoedt who is worldwide in charge of the division.

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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for Pfizer Germany Freiburg

Pfizer automates production logistics with AGVs

Tue 12 Mar 2013

Egemin Automation and Pfizer Germany recently closed a contract for the installation of an AGV system in Pfizer’s production plant in Freiburg. The system will consist of 4 AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) to supply the ingredients for medicine production to 150 workstations via the best possible route.

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Successful SMETA audit

Thu 07 Mar 2013

Egemin has been successfully audited for the SMETA 4-pillar. This assessment system investigates whether companies are doing business in an ethical way throughout the supply chain. SMETA stands for “Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit” and is supported by a growing number of multinational companies that have committed themselves to conduct business in an ethically correct way. This is a new but a fairly important audit for Egemin. Like many of its key accounts, Egemin strives for proper business ethics and we are committed to help achieving these throughout the entire chain.

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New sales manager for the UK and Ireland

Fri 01 Feb 2013

Peter Holdcroft joins Egemin UK Ltd. as the new sales manager for Egemin's UK and Ireland sales office. Peter will focus on the sales of automated guided vehicle systems, in-floor chain conveyors and automated warehouse systems. With over 25 years experience, Peter is a well-known figure in the automation world, most recently in his ten-year stint as the UK MD of another AGV systems supplier.

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New automated warehouse for Samsonite

Tue 29 Jan 2013

Samsonite Europe has started with the construction of a fifth warehouse that will serve as a buffer warehouse for the existing warehouses in their Oudenaarde plant. Samsonite is building the new warehouse to create more storage space due to a continuously growing product range. Egemin will deliver the automation of this new pallet warehouse that needs to be operational towards the end of this year.

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